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World’s first GRE Course based on 

Adaptive Learning Technology

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Our Students Speak for Us





GRE 336 | V167, Q169

Each skill that I learned from the course, the one-on-one discussions I had with my mentor, and the personalized study plan helped me greatly in scoring a 330+ on GRE. I was particularly impressed by the different approaches that I learned. For instance, there is a right way to approach each question, be it from Verbal or Quant. Mastering these approaches made all the difference in my prep.

The Easy 4-Step Guide to Preparing for the GRE 

Step - 1

Begin your GRE prep with a personalized study plan

Our customized study plan ensures that you prepare strategically for your GRE exam. By tailoring your plan to your strengths and weaknesses, you will be more likely to improve by up to 5 times. 


Progressive Learning 

The Whiz creates a weekly learning plan that reflects your individual needs, so you can stay on track for your test date. 

Defined Milestones & Deadlines 

Your GRE study plan, from beginning to end, is defined for you, with easy, achievable targets and regular reminders to keep you on track. 

Truly Adaptive Plan 

We don’t believe in static 1 or 3-month plans. Instead, the Whiz adapts your plan every week based on your pace of learning and other factors.


Step - 2

Enhance Your Learning Experience 

Learn concepts accurately and efficiently with our application-driven online GRE course. 

Interactive HD Video Lessons 

Learn from over 100+ hours of engaging videos on topics that are tested on GRE in a visual manner for better retention.

GRE Practice


Boost your confidence and prepare for your target GRE score by solving 4000+ GRE-styled practice questions organized by difficulty level. 

Curated by leading GRE experts 

Learn GRE focused problem-solving strategies such as Involved Reading, and Scope Analysis formulated by the experts with over 30 years of experience. 

Step - 3

Real-time Performance Monitoring

Get actionable insights to help you stay on track with your GRE preparation.


200+ GRE quizzes

Get tested on concepts, applications and skills to and get real-time analysis of mistakes thus giving you an edge over others.

Improve in Real-Time

The GREWhiz provides actionable analysis from your performance by using adaptive learning to help you work on your weak areas. 

Get Unmatched GRE Coaching

Receive regular feedback from our dedicated GRE mentors to help you course-correct and reach your goals swiftly. 


Step - 4

Optimize Your GRE Preparation 

We tailor our GRE course to your specific needs and help you turn weakness into strength. 

Personalized Improvement Modules 

The PRIME engine monitors your performance and creates improvement modules to help you overcome any gaps in your knowledge.

Customize your own


You can customize quizzes with different types of questions and topics at varying difficulty levels to fine tune your GRE preparation for a 320+ score.

Get Expert


With the support of a caring faculty and an interactive online forum, you can seek expert advice at every step of your GRE preparation. 


More than


GRE styled questions


More than


Video lessons

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